We are specialist in video production. Our services reach to all shooting needs. Branding Content, Webcasts, e-learning, corporate communications, events and conferences recording, TV News, Press conferences, Sports, Advertising, Presentations, Interviews, Fashion & more.
We provide integral support including but not limited to: editing, crew, equipment, lighting, scouting, production, consulting, and much more.
We serve Corporations, Industries, PR, Marketing and Media Agencies, TV Channels and Film production companies.
From 2004 and based in Miami, we serve as a direct client or thru our services to different agencies for multiple projects of fortune 500 companies.
CondeNast, UPS, DHL, TD Bank, City Bank, MacDonald’s, Coca-cola, BID, CAF, SAP, General Mills, DHL, Johnson & Johnson / Jensen, Arcos Dorados, Siemens, Bacardi, Diageo, Cisco, Barrick, Sherwin Williams and many others.
Also we provide services to government personalities and celebrities.

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